“Alison nails the perfect mix of inappropriate and heart, always!” – Sophia Bush

“Alison has the heart of a saint, there is no one like her in the world. She is bold, out of line, compassionate and fearless with her approach to fairness.” – Stacey Griffith

“I am writing in regards to Alison Brettschneider and her family. I may have never stumbled upon Alison if it wasn’t for the untimely death of a friend of mine on Thanksgiving morning who succumbed to his injuries in a car accident on his way to his moms for thanksgiving dinner ( it actually tears me up to write that). Me and my friends were desperately trying to get up funds to give my friend a proper burial and between our Facebook friends and Instagram friends we only raised $2500. Amongst us. Until my niece had contacted Alison on a shot in the dark perhaps one in a million chance of thinking a reply was forthcoming.Not only was a reply forthcoming but Alison went above and beyond what many of the people who knew my friend never did, She posted a Instagram link explaining in her own words what had happened and rallied her followers that everytime she posts a pic she gets 3000 likes so I have a family in need she said, so if you all could just give even $1 it could make a difference and give this man a proper burial. Within 6 hours the money was raised that we set out for. Not only did Alison help enormously but she continued to ask if there was anything else she could send the family or anything else she could do to help. I’ve never met Alison in person but it doesn’t take much to know that this is the type of person you would always want by your side in life. She is full of positivity in whatever she puts her energy towards. She even slept in the streets one night to help raise money and awareness of homeless families on the streets of New York and America. I can only say that Alison and her family would be a great addition to your school. The only thing I can say I regret is that you will get to meet her in person.” – Thomas Greene, Boston

“My interactions with Alison have only occurred over the past 6 months; however, in that time, I have found her to be one of the most selfless, hard-working, and generous people I know. I became aware of Alison through Instagram because of her tireless fundraising for and donations to countless causes, including helping the homeless, taking care of a young girl with a very ill sister and a mother desperately in need of assistance, and creating magic for needy families. It was a needy family that forged my connection with Alison. I’m a teacher in an inner-city school district in Ohio. One of our families suffered a devastating loss when their mother was murdered. Their uncle took them in to raise them along with the 8 kids already in his home. This created an extreme financial burden right before the holidays, and to top it off, there wasn’t a furnace in their home. I saw a post from Alison, asking for names of needy families that she could help with some magic that only she can create. I messaged her my story, not expecting to hear back-just putting the need out in the universe to see what might happen. She not only responded immediately, but within just a couple of weeks, this family had Christmas gifts for their 10 children along with a furnace for their home. Alison also offered to help with food, construction on their home, anything I could think of. She encouraged me to contact her anytime. A perfect stranger, hundreds of miles away, saved the day for a family she never met and renewed my faith in people. Months later, I continue to follow Alison, to donate to the causes that she holds most dear. How could I not? She brings such passion and intensity to the things she holds dear. I read what she posts, I see what she does for others and I think, her children are so blessed to have this example in front of them all the time. Indeed, it seems that her whole family and her friends share that same fire to lift others up in their time of need. I may have never met Alison and her family in person, but I can say unequivocally that they are they type of people who would bring an amazing spark to any school. We need our next generation to be gentler, kinder, and even more generous, and I truly believe Alison instills those values in her children. Their whole family would be an amazing addition to your school family.” – Katie Neal, Third Grade Teacher, Ohio