Alison Brettschneider is an inspirational leader to approximately a quarter of a million people. As the engagement on her social media accounts flourished with commentary from her devout followers, Alison was encouraged to write her first book in 2016. The book offers her unconventional brand of off-the-cuff humor and inspirational wisdom to women from all corners of the world, told through her own personal stories. Through Alison’s motivational messages and dialogue with women from around the world, she became determined to become a leading voice for female empowerment and encouraging women to be their best self.

Although a native New Yorker, Alison has had a love affair with the West Coast lifestyle for years and together with her husband will be moving their family to California, officially becoming bicoastal this spring. In addition to running 25 Park, a successful boutique with multiple locations and the namesake of her famed Instagram account, she is a loving mother to two and a motivational speaker.

Alison entertains her audiences with intelligent conversations, engaging with change agents, risk takers, female entrepreneurs, celebrities as well as stay at home mothers and young women. Collectively, with her lead, these women are ready to change the world one voice at a time. Ms. Brettschneider, who always maintained a passion for helping those less fortunate, has successfully created channels through her social media platforms and now her upcoming book to show women that they are capable and deserved healthy, productive and most importantly, a happy life.

An established influencer within her own niche, through the use of social media, Alison was able to reach a much larger international audience of women. Through the use of digital media, Alison’s voice has enabled hundreds of thousands of like minded women to come together in a positive manner, often complimenting one another on their achievements.

“I love connecting with my audience and showing them gratitude for their presence in my life, they are the reason why I have pursued the book and speaking engagements. I never have an exact presentation that I deliver because I am very much in the moment, just the same way that I live my life. People always tell me how they are inspired by my stories, and that is what I focus on sharing, emotional stories that make people laugh, cry and contemplate. The response that I get from my audience is why I do what I do!” – Alison Brettschneider