When it comes to fashion, 25 Park owner Alison Brettschneider has always trusted her instincts. “I’m a leader, not a follower—I’m never going to be the last one to the party,” she says.

And whether that means bringing downtown designers to the Upper East Side when she opened her boutique 25 Park in 2009 or choosing low-key Bridgehampton (where she also owns a home) as the location for 25 Park’s Hamptons outpost, Brettschneider never sways from her laser-sharp vision. “When we opened the boutique in Bridgehampton, there were no other clothing stores there, and Southampton and East Hampton already had a billion,” she says. “I love how Bridgehampton has stuck to its roots—there are no corporate stores in town; there’s always parking, and it just feels more relaxed and laid back.  (Read More)